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All Firearms Instructors Are Not Equal!!!!

Would you take a class from this instructor? I KNOW I WOULD NOT! He broke numerous safety rules & is lucky he is not the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound! Worse yet, he is also lucky the round did not ricochet into his students or out of the range and kill/ injure someone else! Be smart when choosing your instructor, make sure they are competent, professional, and most importantly put you and safety first! Talk to people who have taken the class your interested in, look at reviews, ask your local Firearms Dealer/ Expert who the best is and why? Be careful of those that only recommend themselves when you inquire, that is usually a good sign that they are not interested in the student and his/ her safety/ experience, just their own pockets. Go to the local ranges and ask the manager. Look for a professional that brings training aids for students to work with and help them gain familiarity with firearms. Find a professional that utilizes a projection system to facilitate visual learners; very few Firearms Instructors’ use them. Those that have a projection system are usually more expensive, but the added cost is well worth the money. If you just want to go through the motions to get your permit there are plenty of guys out there that do just that, they are the guys that are the cheapest and just out to make a quick buck on the side. They usually set their price point between $30 – $75, it is a part-time job for these guys.

Then you have professionals, these are people like the instructors at Davis Shooting, this is our career & we take it very seriously. We pride ourselves on working with you to help you to improve your skill set what ever level of experience you have obtained. We are willing to spend extra time with our students (especially new shooters) to ensure that you learn and improve. We design our courses to engage all of your senses so that you will retain more from the class. We bring actual firearms to the class so that you can manipulate them, and become accustomed to them in a safe controlled environment. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every student receives the best and most up-to-date training available, while ensuring the individual attention to the details of our students needs. We are never the cheapest option, just the best option for your money, your education, and your safety. If a class is less expensive, always remember that they are cutting corners somewhere. When it comes to firearms, just like buying a gun, cheaper is never better, you just put yourself at risk for an accident, a bad experience, and/ or bad instruction! Your instructor is your choice, make sure you choose wisely. Your life, and/ or your children’s life may depend on it! What is your families safety worth?

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